Stone Floor Cleaning Cambridge.

If you are interested in achieving a ‘new’ look for your current tiled areas without spending much money, call Cambridge Floorcare on 01223 520769. We offer a professional floor cleaning service specializing in tile and grout.

We can also protect the tile and grout from future harm by applying a new layer of sealant. Floor waxing and floor polishing are just icing on the cake, further convincing everyone who sees your tiled areas that it’s brand new.

We haven’t met many people who enjoy cleaning tile floors, and even for those diligent enough to hurt their backs, knees and elbows, regular household cleaners – including those specially formulated for tile and grout cleaning – simply aren’t strong enough to do as good a job as true professionals can.


Professional Stone Floor Cleaning.

Cambridge Floorcare utilizes rotary machines using diamond impregnated brushes, and diamond grit polishing pads combined with truck-mounted steam cleaning system to deep clean and sanitise your tile and grout. Our system generates up to 1200 PSI and steam as hot as 280 degrees to deep clean and sanitise your tile and grout. Our cleaning system emulsifies and extracts years’ worth of dirt, grease, grime and old excess cleaning agents from your tile and grout. We use only professional cleaning products and our extraction process ensures that all remaining cleaning agents are thoroughly removed from your tile and grout.

Cambridge Floorcare can restore your tiled and grouted areas, whether it is one year old or twenty years old. Our tile grout cleaning services include a variety of options, the most popular of which is steam cleaning to remove stains and colour from deep within the grout.

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