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Cambridge Floorcare is a small, family run business located in the heart of Cambridge. Bob Daines and his sons Paul and Chris have been providing a high quality, trustworthy and reliable service in the floor care industry for over 60 years combined.

Cambridge carpet Cleaners

We utilise truck-mounted hot water steam extraction systems. Hot water steam extraction carpet cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning recommended by all the major carpet manufacturers to maintain your carpet warranty. Truck-mounted hot water steam cleaning has the ability to deep clean and sanitise any carpet type or fibre leaving it perfectly clean. It removes abrasive soil and sanitises your home eliminating dust and bacteria that can be the cause of allergies and illness for people and pets.

As soil and dirt is worn into your high-traffic carpet areas, it can actually damage the carpet fibres this can make carpets look aged and matted. Once carpet fibres have been crushed and pitted they can actu- ally become magnets for additional soil and dirt. Our system removes deeply ground dirt and debris to extend the life of your carpet and restore the elasticity of the carpet fibres. Other shampoo style ma- chines leave behind a residue that becomes “sticky” and can actually attract more dirt and grime. Our steam system leaves no residue or shampoo on your carpet because it rinses with pure, fresh water.


Professional Carpet Cleaning. 

Professional carpet cleaning is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of sprucing up the home; the long lasting impression that professional carpet cleaning creates will be the talking point for all your friends after you invite them all round to show them off!

We carry a whole range of professional stain removal products, each specially formulated for particular spillages and stains, and we pride ourselves on our success rate!

You can rest assured that we will take every step to ensure that your investment receives the best possible care, whether it’s your favourite John Lewis wool rug, the colourful area rug in the kid’s playroom or the decorative rug hanging in the hall- way. We take great pride in our work, and your investments will be treated with all the care they deserve

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